[Snort-users] Snort183 -A unsock -- part deux

Fyodor fygrave at ...121...
Sun Mar 17 15:14:02 EST 2002

Dr. Richard W. Tibbs <ccamp at ...4532...> spoke:
> On this issue, I am now inclined to see how a complete snort source 
> distrib compiles on Win2k.
> The bottom line is that I can get snprintf to compile cleanly with no 
> errors or warnings *ONLY* by defining __STDC__, at the expense of all 
> other modules failing due to includes of snort.h.  Is snort not a 
> "standard" C program under win32?  

Mmm.. then how about putting following into snprintf() just before all
the includes:

#ifdef WIN32
#define __STDC__
#include ...

> Compiling...
> snprintf.c
> c:\cpp_project\oak_snortprj\snprintf.c(83) : error C2061: syntax error : 
> identifier 'va_dcl'

is there any docs for win32 on how va_start or VA_START is supposed to
be used? looks like related macros are not include here.

> c:\cpp_project\oak_snortprj\snprintf.c(112) : error C2065: 'u_char' : 
> undeclared identifier

typedef unsigned char u_char

> c:\cpp_project\oak_snortprj\snprintf.c(112) : error C2143: syntax error 
> : missing ')' before 'constant'
> c:\cpp_project\oak_snortprj\snprintf.c(189) : warning C4013: 'va_arg' 
> undefined; assuming extern returning int

va_start/va_end macro probs..

> c:\cpp_project\oak_snortprj\snprintf.c(189) : error C2059: syntax error 
> : 'type'

as well.

> My Analysis: If I look at the logic in the snprintf.h file, it looks for 
> then for __STDC__ to include stdarg.h  This file has everything except 
> va_dcl, which seems only to be defined in varargs.h  

then #ifdef WIN32 hack could help :-)

> If I include
> #include <winsock.h> at the very top of snprintf.h, I get a clean 
> compile with no errors or warnings!!

well, u_char is easy to solove.. either with 

#ifdef WIN32
#ifndef u_char
#define ....

or just replace u_char with unsigned char in the code. won't make much

> So adding a define for __STDC__ and including winsock seems to solve the 
> problem for snprintf.
> BUT!!! all other modules fail to compile due to syntax errors in places 
> like xdr.h gnuc.h etc when __STC__ is defined !!.  AAAaaaarrrrg!

can we have #define __STDC__ for sprintf() only then?

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