[Snort-users] Snort183 -A unsock -- part deux

Fyodor fygrave at ...121...
Sat Mar 16 23:56:02 EST 2002

Dr. Richard W. Tibbs <ccamp at ...4532...> spoke:
> Kind people:  Thanks for all the help up to this point.
> I have a decent compile of the socket code now.
> I am now having a problem with snprintf.
> There seems to be no definition of the function on Win2K.
> If I comment out the
> #define HAVE_SNPRINTF = 1

> line in config.h,
> then compiling snprintf.c results in all kinds of errors concerning some
> kind of defines or typedefs named va_dcl, va_alist and such.
> Any ideas?

we ship an implementation of snprintf() which is based on the one
shipped with sendmail. If your platform doesn't have snprintf() within
libc configure should figure that out and enable it...

as for building errors, guess there could be some portability problems,
can we see the errors, maybe we could give you hints as what has to be

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