[Snort-users] Snort SNMP Variables are not consistent?

Vjay LaRosa vjayl at ...3331...
Fri Mar 15 08:14:21 EST 2002


Is any one else using snort 1.8.4 Beta-4 to send SNMP traps? I have
snort configured to trap to our Netcool
Omnibus server.

Originally snort 1.8.4 Beta-1 was sending the following information in
these variables.

$8      Src IP
$10    Dst IP
$11    Src Port
$12    Dst Port

But now that I upgraded I noticed that some alerts use this as their
variable mappings,

$7      Src IP
$9      Dst IP
$10    Src Port
$11    Dst Port

but some alerts are still sent using the old format. What's up with
this? Am I crazy or is something not right?


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