[Snort-users] Libnet Installation Problem

a s agpiah at ...131...
Fri Mar 15 00:25:25 EST 2002

Im trying to install Snort on a windows 2000
professional workstation box (clean install) following
the instructions on silicondefense.com.


I have got to the part where I try and install libnet,
I unzip to a temp directory, type "compiler.bat" and
then move to the libnet directory and type "make -f
makefile.win". At this stage I get the error message
"make is not recognised as an internal or external
command, operable program or batch file"

I then moved the make.exe file (which was located
compiler/bin) to the libnet folder where the
makefile.win file is located.

It now understands the make command but get the
following error :-

"cpp: unrecognised option '-remap'
"cpp: installation problem, cannot exec 'cpp' :
Invalid argument
"MAKE: *** [src/libnet_asnl.o] Error 1"

Has anyone seen this before when attempting to install
libnet on a W2K box ?


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