[Snort-users] Help Required can someone help me

Ali itteam at ...5316...
Thu Mar 14 21:26:03 EST 2002

We have just installed snort.

And since i am new to it there are some queries i would like someone from you to answer.
What do the following alerts mean they just keep on coming to me.

1] ICMP Destination unreachable
2] ICMP echo reply
3] ICMP ping
4] Large ICMP packet
5] Time to live exceeded.
6] Info ICQ access
7] Infor MSN chat access
8] spp_portscan, end of portscan
9] spp_portscan, portscan status
10] spp_portscan, portscan detected
11] SHELLCODE x86 NOOP [Classification: Executable code was detected]
12] SHELLCODE x86 setgid
13] Web Cgi calender access
14] view source via translate header
15] web misc 403 forbidden

I would be really thankfull if someone is able to guide me through these points. I would also appreciate if someone gives me his chat id or phone number to chat with and sort these points out.

Thanx in advance


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