[Snort-users] Still problems compiling socket prog on W2K

Dr. Richard W. Tibbs ccamp at ...4532...
Thu Mar 14 17:55:02 EST 2002

I have obtained copies of all the header files under
and its various subdirectories, in order to compile a socket program,
which works fine under linux.
On Win2K, however, I am still missing a few key definitions.

The chief problem is no socket.h , and specifically the definition of 
socklen_t typedef from the *nix world. No  such thing in winsock or 
winsock2.h, and no such definition in any of the WIN32-Includes files or 
subdirectories -- I did a search.
Where can I get the legal equivalent of socket.h? Is there a different 
set of typedefs for windows sockets than for *nix.  Warning, newbie at 
work here.... ;-)

Also, BTW, the definition of snprintf is not found, although the 
config.h file #defines HAVE_SNPRINTF. It was easy enough to transfer 
snprintf.h&c  over to win2k and they compile ok.
Also u_char is missing, which is clearly unsigned char -- easy workaround.

Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.
Keep in mind I am not simply taking an entire snort source distrib and 
running it through MS visual studio.  I have a small socket program 
which has worked fine for months under Linux, and all I ever needed to 
compile it there was config,snort,decode,debug,event, and 
So I am trying to do this without the entire dad-blamed source code in 
the loop!    Have mercy!

Thanks in advance >>RWT

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