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Martin Roesch roesch at ...1935...
Thu Mar 14 11:31:14 EST 2002

Ok, I'll try to answer this quickly and without starting an OS Holy War.
What's the best operating system?  The one you like that does the job you
want to do.  It's that simple.

People run Snort on the platforms they run it on (I've been running it on OS
X a lot lately for example) because it works for them on that platform and
it doesn't require a lot of horsing around to get it running (usually).
Lately I've been doing Snort development on a [PowerMac|PowerBook] G4
running OS X, getting it running was trivial and OS X has all my favorite
tools (gvim, gcc, gdb) and the ones I need for business
(Word/Excel/PowerPoint) in one nice package.  OS X costs money but that's ok
because it does the job that I want to do in a nice package (and the
beautiful 17" flat panel doesn't hurt either). ;)


On 3/14/02 1:05 PM, "spyguy703" <spyguy703 at ...131...> wrote:

> Here is a silly question:
> Why do some users of snort choose to run snort on win32 platforms? Does
> that not defeat ONE of the benefits of using snort?  That benefit being
> free?
> Snort on Solaris 8..........$FREE
> Snort on Linux...............$FREE
> Snort on Windows 2000 Professional.........$319.00
> Snort on Windows 2000 Server..................$999.00 w/5 CAL's
> ** You have paid for your Windows licenses, right?
> I am not trying to advocate an OS war, but just making a suggestion that
> it can be easier to convince 'some' management types when offering a
> solution that costs nothing more than the hardware.
> I know that most Win32 guys I have worked love to use Windows for
> everything, and thats fine and dandy. But how many of you are actually
> paying for all of your Windows licenses? Not many of them actually own
> enought licenses to cover the number of installs. (i am not accusing,
> just saying there is a cheaper alternative then paying hundreds of
> dollars per snort box)
> However, I assume that no one in the security industry is pirating any
> Microsoft software...right?
> Just my 2 cents,
> --spy
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