[Snort-users] Cheaper Snort!

Leigh David Heyman leigh at ...5300...
Thu Mar 14 10:36:05 EST 2002

Playing Devil's Advocate, I'd say that the answer is that there are thousands 
of Window$ administrators out there, operating in purely M$ environments who 
know little to nothing about operating, much less administrating a UNIX system 
of any kind.  I imagine then, that it's less expensive to pay for a windows 
license than the overhead of paying a Windows admin while he/she learns to 
use, administer, and most importantly, secure a UNIX system-- all this before 
he/she's even had a chance to actually install and configure Snort.  
Installing a security device which you don't know how to properly operate can 
potentially be more insecure than not having the device in the first place.

Circumventing the OS holy war then, the agnostic approach is simpler: The best 
OS, is the one which does the job you need it to, in the most effective and 
efficient manner.  For some of us, GNU/Linux fits the bill more often than 
not, but I can't assume the same for others.


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