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Thu Mar 14 10:32:22 EST 2002

I am hoping we can all put this aside, yet learn something from it. If 
you have not read all of the posts on this subject, go back and read. 
(started out with a win32 support question)

I must also agree with Mike Poort and J. Craig Woods. Marty and the team 
devoted a lot of free spare time developing what has become one of the 
most successful examples of open-source software and I support them 
100%. If I knew how to code, I would contribute also. Instead I just ask 
my dopey questions, but I don't think I made anyone get drunk ;).

PS. I met Marty at the SANS Intrusion Detection Systems track in 
Monterey, CA. I got to hear him speak for a full day on Snort and he 
even helped me out with some problems I had in the excercises. He really 
is a down to earth guy and very sincere about helping the community. 
Please continue developing snort! Everyone in my group loves it.

Andrew is a nice guy too, but I fear he has problems at airport metal 
detectors. (piercings all over) ;) JK!

J. Craig Woods wrote:

>Not being sure of how this particular thread went to hell, I would just
>like to throw in my abreviated comments. Although, I have never met Mr
>Roesch, I must give him my heartfelt thanks for the great effort he has
>contributed to the development of snort. With all you do, i.e.
>involvement with SANS, maintaining sourcefire, working on snort, etc.,
>Marty, how do you find the time? You are awesome, and you are my hero

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