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J. Craig Woods drjung at ...2066...
Thu Mar 14 05:03:02 EST 2002

Mike Poor wrote:
> "Your attempt to muddy the waters by stating that my intensions are anything
> less than honorable or straightforward with regards to providing Snort as an
> open source system and separate from my company's interests is also not
> appreciated."
>      -Marty

Not being sure of how this particular thread went to hell, I would just
like to throw in my abreviated comments. Although, I have never met Mr
Roesch, I must give him my heartfelt thanks for the great effort he has
contributed to the development of snort. With all you do, i.e.
involvement with SANS, maintaining sourcefire, working on snort, etc.,
Marty, how do you find the time? You are awesome, and you are my hero

J. Craig Woods
UNIX/NT Network/System Administration

-Art is the illusion of spontaneity-

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