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Wed Mar 13 16:57:08 EST 2002

On Wednesday 13 March 2002 07:00 pm, Joe McAlerney enlightened us with:
But, I think one out of every several hundred posts should be entitled
to be a mistake.  Lord know some of my earlier posts were pretty naive
and clearly showed that I was still in the learning process.


I certainly agree, we have all been in a learning process all along.  

There are tons of questions posted all the time here for demarc, acid, snort 
for win32 and more.  There are tons of people that offer help, advice, and 
most of it is good, unbiased, help.

I am aware of the work that Silicon Defense has undertaken with regards to 
Snort, and was surprised when M. Steeles tone seemed more like a sales rep 
then someone trying to help out a fellow snorter.  I think that the folks 
over at snort.org have done a good job (still a learning process of course) 
at rearing the project and will continue to do so.  I know that Marty has 
always been concerned with the portablity of Snort, and snort users should 
know that they can count on finding appropriate source files, binaries, 
packages, and documentation right here, on snort..org.

On Wednesday 13 March 2002 07:00 pm, Joe McAlerney enlightened us with:

"The tricky part for us is to help people without it looking self
serving.  If Mike Steele points Windows user Bill to his documentation,
it comes across far worse then if some other random person did.  This is
why we're trying to get the docs up on Snort.org, so we can link there. 
Mike gets these kinds of questions literally a dozen times a week, and
most always it is answered "in the documentation".  "

he gets these requests dozens of times a week?  I dont see a problem of him 
responding to people on your own list (if that is what you are referring to), 
and telling them to rtfm or whatever it is that he is replying... that is on 
your list, and your domain.  Now, answering requests for help from the 
snort-users list with : go to our site, download our documentation, not that 
stuff from snort.org... would be similar to someone asking a question about 
snort and one of the sourcefire guys saying... try out one of our sensors... 
go to our site and view our screenshots ... dl a brochure, and by the way our 
product does bla bla bla.. there is no place for that on this list.

We all owe, Stewart and crew included, a big enormous thanks to Marty Roesch, 
regardless of how much work and effort we have or have not put into the Snort 

Marty, thanks.

Mike Poor

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