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Mike Poor p00r0ne at ...1708...
Wed Mar 13 15:40:04 EST 2002

"Your attempt to muddy the waters by stating that my intensions are anything
less than honorable or straightforward with regards to providing Snort as an
open source system and separate from my company's interests is also not


Here here Marty!!  I think that anybody that has every used Snort, developed 
plugins for Snort, written rules for Snort, etc can all appreciate what Marty 
and the core developers at Snort.org have done for Snort and the community as 
a whole (the security community at large, not just snortophiles).

Snort has been the most educational tool that I know of.  Anybody that knows 
Marty, or even that has corresponded with Marty understands Marty's 
commitment not only to Snort, but to the open source community and to its 

I think that Snort (the code) has evolved as the Snort community has evolved. 
 I understand that Silicone Defense and Sourcefire both have their businesses 
to run, but we have our Networks to run and protect.  We all have snort 
questions and issues that need to be resolved and worked out, and we can do 
this as a community, here on this list.  Snort is not only a fantastic IDS++ 
but its also a lot of fun, and the community reflects that.  

If people need commercial support for Snort, there are multiple options and 
they can explore them elsewhere.  If they want free, community based help, 
this is where they can voice their needs and we as a community can help (that 
includes all members of this community).  There is certainly no need for any 
company to troll this list for customers.

my $0.02

Mike Poor

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