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Wed Mar 13 08:48:09 EST 2002

Well, since I'm not using Acid, I would have no reason to look in the Acid FAQ's, would I?

Perhaps this should be included in the *Snort* FAQ.....oh wait, it already is...doh!
But to my own defense, this problem is listed as "Portscans are not being logged to my database", so a layperson like myself
wouldn't know that this is the same problem.

Brad T.

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> On Wed, 13 Mar 2002 bthaler at ...2720... wrote:
> > Something else I noticed: Even with my usual database output plugin enabled,
> > Snort still creates the "alert" file.
> Yep.  That's normal.
> > I grep'd this for "spp_anomsensor", and viola!  There's millions of Spade
> > alerts in there.  So evidently Spade was working properly, and it seems that
> > Snort was just not writing the spp_anomsensor alerts to the database.
> Nope.  Not quite.
> http://acidlab.sourceforge.net/acid_faq.html#faq_b7
> Oh, and that's a one drink penalty for the question and a one drink penalty
> for the answer.  ;-)
> It's amazing what you can find in the FAQ's and docs, isn't it?  ;-)
> Cheers!
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