[Snort-users] RE: Installing SNORT 1.8.3 on win2k server

John Sage jsage at ...2022...
Tue Mar 12 21:40:03 EST 2002

Marty, et al:

On Tue, Mar 12, 2002 at 06:28:33PM -0500, Martin Roesch wrote:
> Mike,


> Wow, nice ad.  Should we discuss the cost of producing Snort in the first
> place in man hours donated to the project versus your contribution?  Nah,
> it'd make that contribution look pretty paltry and profit motivated in
> comparison.  Foregoing the development costs in favor of a renewable-revenue
> services model isn't exactly a new idea.  As a further service to the Snort
> community, you might want to consider ceasing to use this forum as an
> advertising medium, I for one am getting sick of seeing these self serving
> messages showing up time after time in response to pleas for help from
> inexperienced users.
> As you know, I run a company that is directly competitive with yours  and
> yet I seem to be able to refrain from constantly engaging in crass marketing
> tactics.  I've been getting some cries lately to start moderating the list
> lately based on the volume of users who don't read the docs before posting
> (c.f. constant MySQL/ACID posts, etc) and now due to the on-going marketing
> campaign Silicon Defense seems to be using this list for.  I don't want to
> do it (because I like the list the way it is) but of late you're really
> pushing the limits of what I personally and  many of the Snort-users
> regulars (i.e. The foundations of this community) find acceptable.
> The snort-users list is for discussing the use of snort.  It is not intended
> to be used as a marketing platform nor to push personal or corporate
> agendas.
> If you have something to add to help users that's valid and useful we're all
> happy to have your input, but if all you've got is more of this crap, please
> keep it to yourself.

Right on!

Every post I've seen from "Michael Steele" is more of an ad than anything else.

Shooting themselves in the foot?

I sure think so.

- John

Most people don't type their own logfiles;  but, what do I care?

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