[Snort-users] Finding a Win32 Snort - Thank you.

Djinn D'Angel djinn at ...4296...
Tue Mar 12 19:32:12 EST 2002

Thank you for everyone's support on resolving my Snort question. After 
receiving many emailed suggestions, I have been able to install a plain old 
Snort for Windows without a GUI. Again, thanks.

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>Subject: [Snort-users] Finding a Win32 Snort
>I have been looking for a Win32 port of Snort, but the only thing I have
>been able to find on the www.Snort.org web site is the Snort for
>which includes IDSCenter. IDSCenter is fine for a GUI interface, but I
>prefer the plain old command line version. Can anyone help me find a
>port of Snort without any add-ons?
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