[Snort-users] Newbie needs help!!!

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While it's extreamly confusing there is a lot of help out here. 

#1. Yes & no. You will need at least; Apache, Perl, Snortsnarf, NMake,
WinPcap, and possibly an installer for Perl if your on a 95, 98, or NT

#2. Yes, use NMake to compile them into Perl. You might be able to use
PPM and insert them from a repository (not 100% sure).

#3. No, Snortsnarf can be located, basically anywhere and linked.

If you want to read more try here:


- Mike

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Dear all Snort-users,

I would like to ask a few question regarding

1. I am using SnortSnarf and Apache, do I need to
install other programs such as PHP or mySQL?

2. Is all components like time-modules ....compulsory
to make my SnortSnarf running?

3. How can I link my SnortSnarf with Apache? Do this
two programs need to be in the same directory?


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