[Snort-users] Snort183 -A unsock on W2K

Dr. Richard W. Tibbs ccamp at ...4532...
Tue Mar 12 07:46:04 EST 2002

Hey all:
I downloaded and installed the standard snort pkg for Win32 with IDS 
center.   I am trying to use the -A unsock feature, which I have used 
for months on a Linux setup with no problems.  I include snort.h and 
several other header files in the compile of my socket program, but 
under Windoze, MS visual studio can't find

I looked around via file search and no pcap.h, although I have 
downloaded and installed Winpcap as per the snort-for-windows 
instructions.... .
Looking at snort.h, it doesn't seem like the pcap.h file is unique to 
*nix, i.e. it is not enclosed with #ifndef WIN32 / #endif.

So my socket prog won't compile on W2K.  Any ideas?
The MS visual studio/VC98/include directory has bazillions of other .h 
files, but no pcap.h.


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