[Snort-users] center alert

Joe McAlerney joey at ...47...
Mon Mar 11 14:47:04 EST 2002

Hi loong,

You may want to take a look at ACID, which allows you to monitor alerts
from several machines by interfacing with a single database.  Demarc's
PureSecure should suit your needs as well.  It provides additional
functionality, such as rule management and detailed sensor statistics.

ACID  : http://acidlab.sourceforge.net/
DEMARC: http://www.demarc.com/

Happy Snorting!

-Joe M.

Joe McAlerney
Software Developer / Security Consultant
joey at ...47...
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> loong wrote:
> hi
> i have 5 snort install on different location and building
> and it send alert mail to my email address
> is there anywhere i can collect it to centre and console it online ?
> any site recommend ?
> loong

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