[Snort-users] Re: Snort sourcecode and licensing (was: need info)

Matt Kettler mkettler at ...4108...
Mon Mar 11 14:02:05 EST 2002

Hmm, your English is a little rough, but I think I understand your 
questions (I do not understand what you mean by the term "misuse approach" 
in the context you used it in):

1) Snort is a rules based nids, but has an anomaly sensor plugin, called 
spade. These two work simultaneously, but independently when snort runs and 
spade is enabled. See snort.conf for details about how to enable spade, and 
more detail about how the spade engine works is available at 

2) Snort is written in C. Download the tarball, unpack it and see for yourself.

3) Snort is GPL licensed, If you do not understand what that means, I 
strongly suggest reading up on it at www.fsf.org. In short, you can modify 
the source, but you must distribute your modified source code with any 
binaries, and maintain the same GPL license for the modified code. (ie: you 
cannot make proprietary modifications and distribute a binary executable 
alone.) However, that short description is only my own summary 
interpretation of the license, you will have to look at the license 
yourself to determine what exactly may be done if you do not wish to simply 
make some fixes and provide a patch back to the snort development team.

A full copy of the GPL license is included in the snort tarball as the file 
named COPYING.

At 06:11 PM 3/10/2002 -0800, noorulsadiqin azbiya wrote:
>hi there
>i am using snort, i know that snort is a rule based
>nids, anybody could tell me detail either snort was in
>misuse approach or anomaly approach or hybrid.one more
>question...snort program was writing in what
>language,and could we modify the source code?anybody
>please tell me.thanks for your concern.
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