[Snort-users] Regarding IDS rules.

Andrew Hall ahall at ...5276...
Sun Mar 10 20:59:04 EST 2002

Snort will only inform you of the first signature that it matches.  Some
other IDS products, such as Dragon, will give you all signatures that match.

If you do find that you are triggering multiple signatures with a single
event, it may be worth while to see whether you can tune you rule set some
more ... ie the more efficient your rule set the better your IDS can


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Hi all,

Is it possible / Is it good / to have multiple rules that might be matched
for a packet/event.

I mean, when the IDS processes the packet,i could trigger more than one
rule, right ?

Ideally that is not desired, right ?
But practically when using Snort does this happen ?

Has anyone experienced something similar ?


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