[Snort-users] Promiscuous mode?

Benoit Clarembeau bclarembeau at ...5048...
Fri Mar 8 13:12:19 EST 2002

Hi all.
Here is my problem: I have installed Snort+MySQL+Acid under Windows 2000 Server. No problem on the installation. I have removed all the rules and created just 2 rules (in my local.rules file) to test only pings between 3 PCs: Snort is on xx.x.x.a, and the others are xx.x.x.b and xx.x.x.c). Snort logs xx.x.x.a <> xx.x.x.b (or c) but not xx.x.x.b <> xx.x.x.c . In fact, with all the rules, I can see that snort just log the traffic if the sensor is the source or the destination... Is this a problem with my interface? (not in promiscuous mode?) I don't know how configure that... Who can help me? Thanks in advance.
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