[Snort-users] Newbie needs help!!

lsd kuyeh kuyehdee at ...131...
Thu Mar 7 23:01:03 EST 2002

To all Snort users,

I have few confusions about Snort and I hope you all
can help.

1. I am running Snort using my own Pc. I am trying to
use SnortSnarf so that I can log the reports into the
net using Apache. My problem is I don't know where to
start my work. I downloaded SnortSnarf and Apache.
What should I do next? I can't really understand the
README file.

2. I downloaded Apache but I can't open it. Why?

3. I am using Red Hat 7.2. How to actually crack my
own root password? Ctrl-x is now usable as like in Red
Hat 7.1.


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