[Snort-users] Port scan request

Jim Forster jforster at ...176...
Thu Mar 7 14:35:05 EST 2002

Grab a copy of Nessus (http://www.nessus.org).  That'll give you much better detection testing than simple scanning.
Personally, I'd just enable all rules, and let it sit on the network for an hour...  :)

---==On Thu, 7 Mar 2002 16:04:30 -0500, Jason Aarons wrote==---
>  Port scan request
>Testing a new IDS install, can you please tcp/udp scan me at
> ?  Much thanks -jason

Sleep: A completely inadequate substitute for caffeine.

Jim Forster, jforster at ...176... on 03/07/2002
Network Administrator
RapidNet, A Golden West Company

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