[Snort-users] Win32 Snort blocks data from dialup connection

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snort /?
"-p         Disable promiscuous mode sniffing"
snort -p

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Hello everyone,
I am fairly new to Snort and have run into a problem when I get it
running. I have read through the manual and the FAQ and haven't seen
anything that relates to my problem directly so I'm hoping someone on
this list can help me out.
I am running Snort on Windows 2000 Server using a dialup TCP/IP
connection (I know, its slow, but its all I can afford right now). I
installed Snort 1.8.2 from the binaries available from the Silicon
Defense website. I used the MySQL build because I am following the
instructions from the Snort website for installing Snort-MySQL and
ACID. So, I got MySQL installed and running as a service. I then
extracted the Snort binaries and overwrote the rules files with the
latest rules files available from snort.org. When I run Snort in its
basic mode, it starts and appears to run fine. However, I seem to
lose access to my internet connection. I can no longer retrieve web
pages or mail and my connections to instant messaging applications
get dropped. When I run Snort with the -v option it lists packets
coming from the network but I don't seem to receive them.
My connections start working like normal when I kill the Snort
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance,

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