[Snort-users] SnortSnarf for Windows Complains of Inability t o Find JulianDay.pm

Robinson, Eric R. erobinson at ...5206...
Wed Mar 6 14:24:07 EST 2002


>I am in fact NOT referring to any file located on Snort.org. 
>They are OBSOLETE. 

Whew. Nice to know I'm not *quite* as dense as they made me feel.

>Go to our site and grab the latest and if you encounter a 
>problem let me know and I will debug it. 

Will do. Thanks.

>>I think I've just been told to RTFWS. :-)
> Not sure what the WS means...

"Read the fine [web site]." (Did you hear that dull thud? It was the sound
of a joke hitting the floor and failing to explode.)


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