[Snort-users] IDScenter 1.09 beta 1.2 is out -- new release (Snort Win32)

Kistler Ueli iuk at ...1171...
Wed Mar 6 04:35:02 EST 2002

Hello Snort users

IDScenter 1.09 beta 1.2 is out and has some cool new features!
IDScenter is a GUI for Snort on Windows (Main features: Snort 1.8 and 
1.7 support, Mail alerts, Log rotation, AutoBlock with BlackICE, program 
execution if an alert occurs, integrated log viewer, ...)


New features:
- IDScenter starts Snort from it's directory... no need to specify Snort 
directory in Snort.conf anymore
- AutoBlock: IDScenter can parse Snort 1.8.x logs (all plugins 
supported: Portscan, Stream4, Unidecode, etc.)!
 -> It's very cool... try it!!! Try to start an attack... IDScenter 
AutoBlock will prevent it with BlackICE!
 -> Your IP will not be blocked of course
- AlertMail: mails are also sent, when an alarm was already launched before
- some new design (i'm not a good icon designer, i know ;-) )
- Experimental: Snort configuration wizard (IDS Rules panel)
 -> Reads Snort configuration file and parses Variables, Preprocessor 
plugins and Ouput plugins lines
- IDScenter window is shown in taskbar -> it's better i think

Bug fixs:
- A bug in 1.09 beta AutoBlock was corrected... now all log entrys are 
- Windows NT AutoRun bug corrected (paths with spaces supported)
- SMTP log editbox is writeable (read-only before)
- SMTP log window bug was corrected


  Ueli Kistler
  iuk at ...1171...


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