[Snort-users] Snort 1.8.3 is not logging to my mysql database !!!

LETRAIT Philippe p.letrait at ...5213...
Tue Mar 5 08:07:16 EST 2002

(I read the FAQ ) - ( 6.15 )

Anyone can help me please.
Snort is not logging to my database.
No errors apprears when snort starts.

>> A1: You did not set up the database plugin in your configuration file. 
Sure, I put this in "my /etc/snort/snort.conf"
"output database: log, mysql, user=THE_USER dbname=THE_DBNAME host=THE_HOST"

>> A2: You are using an older database schema, and should update it by
running the 
>> create scripts from the /contrib directory of the source tarball. 
No, I have the good schema (for version 1.8.3) !!
If not, snort, would write "Please re-run the appropriate DB creation

>> A3: You are using a command line option that overrides what you have in
>> configuration file.  This is most often -A or -s.  NOTE: If you wish to
>> to syslog as well, specify so in your configuration file rather then the
command line. 
I have no specific options:
Only "/usr/sbin/snort -c /etc/snort/snort.conf"

>> A4: There is a problem with your database configuration itself.  Make
sure the 
>> user you specify has the correct permissions, or that the database is
>> up and running.
No. I check this clearly.
If not, snort, would write cannot access to DB.

Thanks for your help.
Letrait Philippe

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