[Snort-users] Signature DB - Is it being updated?

Mark Vevers mark at ...5096...
Mon Mar 4 02:06:03 EST 2002


I know the sig people are probably very busy, but a signature I queued up,
wrote a report for and submitted it 2 about hours later on Friday had gone
back on the unfinished list.  I've checked a couple of ofther sigs that have
been submitted to the list about the same time and they seem to have
suffered the same fate ....   

If it is not possible to keep up with 'flood' ;-) then would it not be 
to increase the timeout a little before returning them to the unfinished 
( I wouldn't care if I had had a reply saying "No good - try again next 
but I just think that potentially duplicating work is not such a good thing
when we're trying to get a complete database.)


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