[Snort-users] "trons" Rules

Jeff Nathan jeff at ...950...
Sat Mar 2 19:55:19 EST 2002

Jeff Dell wrote:
> If you check out Robert Grahams website, you will see that he talks
> about BlackICE using snort Signatures..
> <clip from http://robertgraham.com/pubs/ids/trons.html>
> What is TRONS?
> TRONS is an independent IDS subsystem in BlackICE that reads in
> Snort-like signatures. TRONS is currently an unsupported feature. If you
> contact tech support, they will know less about it than what's on this
> webpage. TRONS has not been tested; bad stuff may happen if you use it.

TRONS is about 4 months old now.  It doesn't perform stream reassembly
or IP defragmentation.


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