[Snort-users] IP short header

Render-Vue sales at ...4295...
Sat Mar 2 16:47:35 EST 2002

Hi Yah,

John replied to our question...

"Well, the short answer that doesn't tell you much is that the IP
header is expected to be 20 bytes long.
What you're receiving is only 18 long, and it triggers a rule in
-- hmm.. I can't grep for 'short header' in *.rules -- what version of
snort did you say you were running, and what platform ;-) ?"

Sorry John Sunday morning here and didn't want to spend all day in front of 
the screen :)

Snorts running on one of our Cobalt RaQ's and it's vers 1.8.3 and the 
latest rules were loaded on yesterday.
I figure it was expecting a certain header length but didn't know what the 
default size was. But as I said I've been running it for months now and 
never came across this in logcheck.

The same day that came through there were a lot of SCAN FINS recorded by 
snorts logs and more than my usual share of ICMP Source Quenches and port 
scans whether that has anything to do with it or not?



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