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Might want to verify if you are dumping the packets TCPDUMP style from the
IDS center.  In that case windump, tcpdump, ethereal or network monitor.
Myself, much better luck just running from command line and picked up a tail
utility for win32.  Plus use snortsnarf and apache and convert the logs into
html for reporting puposes.

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First let me start off by saying that I just started using SNORT. I'm 
using the latest release of Snort for Windows, version 1.83. I am
getting what appear to be log files that I can't read. I am having a
hard time finding a program that will read them. Can anyone tell me what
switches that I should be using to eliminate this type of log file? The
files are named like this; snort-0215 at ...5180... Can someone point me in
the right direction of the program that I could use to interpret them?



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