[Snort-users] ignoring a host

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Fri Mar 1 07:54:42 EST 2002

You could put it in the command line using a "and not host" statement,
or you could write a pass rule and start Snort with the -o option, so
that pass is processed first.  Either way should work.

Personally, I would recommend the pass option, as there may be certain
types off traffic sourced from the firewall that you would want to
generate an alert.  Creating detailed pass rules for known, valid
traffic would help to clean up your alerts, while not totally ignoring
your firewall.  

Remember, firewall's get compromised, too!

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I have the following configuration:

a firewall, a snort box. snort has one leg inside the firewall and a
non-ip'd leg on a recieve only cable monitoring the firewall port. Is
a way to ignore the firewall as a source ip?


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