[Snort-users] Intercepting "ssh" and "ppp" packet headers using snort

Cupid (Sameer) cupid_of_delhi at ...5176...
Fri Mar 1 07:38:38 EST 2002

hi everyone
I am facing a problum , hope u guys can help me 
I have created ssh tunnel in Linux7.2 environment on a LAN from one PC to another PC using ssh login command as

# ssh <ip-address> <-l username>
and now i am working on remote Pc by ssh login there, now i want to intercept packets flowing from my PC to that remote Host ... but i am unable to configure snort.. to give me exact packet with headers and payload therein.

pls guide me on how can i intercept "ssh" tunnel traffic - "ppp" packets .. using snort and how exactly i can get the complete header information.
Thanks and looking for a suitable solution
Good luck and have a nice day
Sameer Khanna
Netwoking Administrator
cupid_of_delhi at ...5176...

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