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Sorry for the no-brainer question here, but is there a resource available
anywhere on how to integrate these signatures into the conf file or is this
a one signature at a time ordeal?  Thank you

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Done, You can now also get to it from:
http://www.activeworx.com/info/IDSxx etc...


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> This is great...
> Would it be possible to change the path to /info/IDSxxx etc...
> That way I can enter an entry in a hosts file for 
www.whitehats.com pointing to your site so that the URLs work nicely on
my console?

What about it?

If you can't, why don't you tar and gzip your archive and I'll put it on
my site ;-)

> Since so many people have asked for it, and Anthony Buser has been so 
> kind to provide it. I have posted a mirror of the ArachNIDS database. 
> When Whitehats.com goes back up. This will be removed. *NOTE* it is 
> outdated. :) In the mean time.. Enjoy!
> <a href="/bti/redirect.html?http://www.activeworx.com/arachnids/" 
> target="newLink">http://www.activeworx.com/arachnids/</a>
> Jeff

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