[Snort-users] 3 Snort, 1 MySQL

Jason Gauthier jgauthier at ...6155...
Fri Jun 28 09:47:08 EDT 2002

Actually, I change my plan :)

This will take testing to make sure my machine can handle the load.
But I'm planning on putting a machine with 3 NICs in it.
2 of them unaddressed. One on the DMZ and one outside. 
the last, addressed, inside.

And hoping that I can make all 3 snorts instances log to mysql in an
organized fashion.
(Database per instance? tables are based on interface?)

Any recommandation on how that works are welcome.

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>I'm currently setting something like this up.  My question is 
>why did you
>decide to place the MySQL backend 'inside'?  I've been thinking about
>placing it inside my DMZ so I can securely access from outside 
>(while at
>home).  Plus the way our DMZ is set it's harder for traffic to 
>crawl into
>the LAN than it is for traffic to crawl into the DMZ from the LAN.
>Beno Chapman
>On 6/26/02 9:22 AM, "Jason Gauthier" <jgauthier at ...6155...> wrote:
>> Greetings-
>> I'm interested in using MySQL as the logging back end.  My 
>plan involved 3
>> snort systems: Inside, Outide, and DMZ. (Pretty normal 
>stuff).  I would like
>> on box on the inside of my network to host MySQL.
>> My intention is to use the SSL capabilities of MySQL, to secure the
>> connection from the DMZ and the Outide snort servers.
>> Is this possible, and are there any cavaets I should consider?
>> Thanks,
>> Jason
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