[Snort-users] ACID - Alert Group email problem

Frank la at ...4425...
Wed Jun 26 22:43:02 EDT 2002

When attempting to email items in an Alert Group I see this message:

EXPORT ERROR: Could not send exported alerts to '1'. Check the mail
configuration in PHP.
Successful EXPORT-summary - 1 alert(s)

I'm typing my email address in the form field.

The number '1' on the top line is the number of the AG. If I try to email
a summary or detail from AG 2 then the '1' show a '2'. Somehow it appears
that it's attempting to email to the group number rather than the email
address that I input into the field.

Emails from all other screens work fine. Detail, summary, etc.

Any ideas?

Note: This is the case in two different installations. One on Slackware
8.0 the other on Redhat 7.2 both using Apache and PHP from their
respective CD's.

Thank you.


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