[Snort-users] Lost in the config file

K. A. Steensma keith at ...6181...
Wed Jun 26 18:57:03 EDT 2002

This is a very small portion of a old message -

-s xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxx
*** This works properly ***

I (really) have given the user manual and FAQ a 'pretty good' look and 
can not figure out what the 3 numbers after the colon (:) are for. It 
seems the I have 'skipped' reading a very necessary doc.

And I'm very mixed up in relating the command line options to the config 
file.  What I mean is; I can add the '-i' command line option to 
designate the interface to watch, but how would I put this into the 
config file instead of on the command line?

Am I missing something or is there no 'search' feature in the mailing 
list archieves at Geocrawler? I really feel like a novice (which I 
really am when it comes to Snort).

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