[Snort-users] snort and puresecure problem

Omolayo Salako OSalako at ...5295...
Wed Jun 26 14:22:04 EDT 2002

Thanks for your response, tried that it did not work. upon furthersnooping
around i startes snort with -T switch without specifying the interface and
like i expected it defaulted to eth0. so i tried same command again using -i
switch to specify the interface and it still defaulted to eth0 and gave a
Pcap error. this is very strange 

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Try removing or changing the the PID file in
usr/local/puresecure/sensor/run.  If snort is running put the current
PID in the file and restart psd.


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From: Omolayo Salako <OSalako at ...5295...>
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Subject: [Snort-users] snort and puresecure problem

i am running puresecure 1.6, i have couple of slave sensors logging into
central mysql database . The server that runs the master sensor also
mysql, apache and a couple of slave sensors. altogether i have about 9
sensors logging to a central database. Things have been running fine for
about  4 months now. Recently i had to reboot one of the servers that
the slave sensors, and since then i have been getting these errors on
sensors that runs on that server "snort error: error while trying to
snort" and when i check the server using ps i see that snort was not
but the the puresecure client deamon was, i have stopped and started the
deamon using psd options, but it has not  worked. when i start snort
independtly, ps shows it as running but for some reason it does not log
the database. my question is how do i fix this problem so that psd (
is the puresecure deamon process) starts snort as it's suppose too. Any
would be appreciated.


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