[Snort-users] FreeBSD, Apache, and ACID

Cloppert, Michael Michael.Cloppert at ...5884...
Wed Jun 26 10:30:02 EDT 2002

I have tried, and I have tried, and I have tried, but I cannot for the life
of me get Apache+ACID to work on FreeBSD... in particular, I'm having major
issues with the graphics libraries (such as gd, phplot, etc...) and such
necessary for proper operation (and graphing).  To clarify, I'm not having
problems with snort itself - alerts & such work just fine.  I'm not sure if
this is the list I need to be posting to or not regarding this, but...

Can anyone point me to some GOOD, fairly recent documentation on using
apache+acid with snort on freebsd?  Would anyone out there with experience
doing this on FreeBSD (particularly 4.5) be willing to help me out with some
more specific questions offline?  All the information I've come across so
far has been old or not entirely accurate.

Thanks in advance,


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