[Snort-users] Why only detecting host-based attacks?

David Chait davidc at ...4306...
Wed Jun 26 09:25:05 EDT 2002

Make sure you are not plugged into a switch rather than a HUB (and if you
are...make sure port spanning is enabled for that machine). My guess is
Snort can't even see the traffic to begin with.

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I'm a newbie to snort and the IDS field. I've loaded snort 1.8.6 onto a
FreeBSD 4.6 box. I have it configured as var HOME_NET x.x.x.0/24. I also
have it configured as var EXTERNAL_NET !$HOME_NET.

To test, I will ssh to a remote machine at home, run Nmap and Nessus
against different machines on my network. The only reports I get are
those scans and probes against the machine upon which snort is
installed. I get no info regarding the scans and probes of the other
machines on the network.

When I launch snort -v for sniffer mode, I'm able to see all the network
traffic. So I know promiscuous mode works. When snort is in IDS mode,
I've run ifconfig to confirm the NIC is in promiscuous mode as well.

Am I missing something in the .conf file? I've read the Snort User's
manual (maybe not closely?).



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