[Snort-users] Issue with List/Sourceforge

Jason Gauthier jgauthier at ...6155...
Wed Jun 26 08:25:07 EDT 2002

To Whom it may concern:

After submitting an email to the list this morning I was promptly sent a
response from a person who said they are receiving these email unwarranted.

I verified with the person that they are not purposefully, or accidentally,
subscribed to the list (check myself as well) and that this was not a one
time occurrence.

It appears this person is getting copies of all the list messages.

The domain is as follows: @medicentrix.ch

Again, I took the users email address receiving these email address, and
tried to unsub it, but was told there was no email address subscribed as
that one.

I verified with the person that no one else is forwarding the list to them.
Based on the questions I asked and answers received, this seems like a list

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