[Snort-users] [ANN] HenWen 1.0.2 for Snort

Nick Zitzmann nickzman at ...3027...
Wed Jun 26 07:55:05 EDT 2002

HenWen 1.0.2 is out. You can download it now from my software page.

If you missed my last few announcements, here's the description: 
"HenWen is a network security package for Mac OS X that makes it 
easy to configure and run Snort, a free Network Intrusion 
Detection System (NIDS). HenWen's goal is to simplify setting up 
and maintaining software that will scan network traffic for 
undesirable traffic a firewall may not block. Everything you 
need to have is bundled in; there is no compiling or command 
line use necessary."

In other words, it's like an IDScenter for Mac OS X. (But it's 
not based on IDScenter at all.)

This new version is mostly a minor maintenance update with no 
big new features - unless you live in a place where German is 
spoken. That's right, HenWen is now available in German. I also 
added a lot of new documentation to explain what some of the 
alerts mean.

Nick Zitzmann
ICQ: 22305512

Check out my software page: http://homepage.mac.com/nickzman/

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