[Snort-users] Snort / SnortSnarf question about packet captur e filenames

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Wed Jun 26 07:24:04 EDT 2002

Thanks for the reply, but this isn't quite what I'm looking for, I would
like to be able to just tar the entire tree, delete the tree and start fresh
every week, then take the tar file to a windows machine untar, view and burn
on CD as is.  We can then have every week's alerts complete with all of the
SnortSnarf pages intact and working.  We can then use these CD's for
review/research, while keeping the current SnortSnarf reports a little
cleaner and easier to read.  The problem right now is that the SnortSnarf
pages don't link to the packet capture files and you have to manually change
the URL from a : to a _ to view the packets.  If I leave Snort at the
default the files can't be read from Windoze boxes due to the ":".

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You could consider doing what I have done to facilitate this with ease.  I
simply locked down ipchains to allow only tcp port 443 traffic from a single
host, in addition to this, I installed Apache, mod_ssl and openssl and
created self-signed CA, server and client certs, configured apache for SSL
and then designed the entire model for IP restricted access with basic
authentication and "required" certificates.  That way, I am able to connect
up to the site (with the alerts and portscan logs) with 4 levels of
autentication and authorization.  if you are primarily interested in going
with downloadable files then setup apache for directory listing instead

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Subject: [Snort-users] Snort / SnortSnarf question about packet capture

Hello all,

I run Snort & SnortSnarf on a Linux box, but would like the ability to move
the data off and be able to read it on a Windows box.  Since Windows can't
handle filenames like TCP:xxxxx-xxx, I have changed the Snort code to log
the packet capture files with TCP_xxxxx-xxx.  Now I need to get SnortSnarf
to create the proper links on the alert details page.  I'm not a programmer
or perl scripter by any means, however I did try a couple of changes to the
HTMLOutput.pm file, but they did not help.  The one change that I thought
would have worked was changing 'logfileprototerm' =':' to ='_'.  Any ideas
on where I need to change SnortSnarf to make this work?

Matt Yackley

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