[Snort-users] Snort / SnortSnarf question about packet captur e filenames

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You could consider doing what I have done to facilitate this with ease.  I
simply locked down ipchains to allow only tcp port 443 traffic from a single
host, in addition to this, I installed Apache, mod_ssl and openssl and
created self-signed CA, server and client certs, configured apache for SSL
and then designed the entire model for IP restricted access with basic
authentication and "required" certificates.  That way, I am able to connect
up to the site (with the alerts and portscan logs) with 4 levels of
autentication and authorization.  if you are primarily interested in going
with downloadable files then setup apache for directory listing instead

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Hello all,

I run Snort & SnortSnarf on a Linux box, but would like the ability to move
the data off and be able to read it on a Windows box.  Since Windows can't
handle filenames like TCP:xxxxx-xxx, I have changed the Snort code to log
the packet capture files with TCP_xxxxx-xxx.  Now I need to get SnortSnarf
to create the proper links on the alert details page.  I'm not a programmer
or perl scripter by any means, however I did try a couple of changes to the
HTMLOutput.pm file, but they did not help.  The one change that I thought
would have worked was changing 'logfileprototerm' =':' to ='_'.  Any ideas
on where I need to change SnortSnarf to make this work?

Matt Yackley

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