[Snort-users] Snort getting overloaded by http traffic:

Imran William Smith iwsmith at ...487...
Tue Jun 25 19:29:02 EDT 2002

And is the buffering done by the kernel / libpcap (as implied
by Keith), or does snort do the buffering?  Does snort have the
ability to buffer packets it is not yet ready to 'process'?  Would
this achieve anything?  I think if you use the HUP signal to snort
to dump statistics and rotate logfiles, it can drop some packets
at this point.

Can anybody clear up quite if / where buffering of packets occurs,
and why 'more memory' is useful to an sensor box?  Of course,
if have MySQL on the same machine, you need memory, but that's
probably a bad idea anyway.

Imran William Smith
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| On Tue, Jun 25, 2002 at 01:35:10PM -0400, McCammon, Keith wrote:
| > The amount of traffic that Snort is able to inspect has less to do with
| > Snort and almost everything to do with the underlying operating system, IP
| > stack, and (most importantly) available resources.  If the operating system
| > is short of resources (specifically RAM), then packets are going to be
| > dropped by the kernel due to lack of buffer space and general congestion.
| > As such, they will never be presented to Snort for inspection.
| [mutter, mutter Microsoft - how about some word wrapping!!!]
| Anyway, this comment about RAM - is that actually true? I mean, there's a
| few areas where snort needs to swallow *some* RAM - to track state, etc -
| but other than that it's not a big requirement....
| The reason I ask is that I'm running snort under daemontools as a supervised
| script, and one thing I've done is to tell it it can't grow above 20M as
| that indicates a memory leak. So far snort appears to hang around 10M - so I
| feel happy with that.
| Does snort ever need to grow to > 20Meg???
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