[Snort-users] undefined reference to `dlopen'

Daniel Curry dcurry at ...5551...
Mon Jun 24 12:54:17 EDT 2002

 I was wondering if any had seen this before on a Red Hat 7.2
system? This is during snort make.
./configure --with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql --with-openssl=/usr/local/ssl

/ucc  -g -O2 -Wall -L/usr/local/mysql/lib/mysql -L/usr/local/ssl/lib -o
snort  snort.o log.o decode.o mstring.o rules.o plugbase.o
sp_pattern_match.o sp_tcp_flag_check.o sp_icmp_type_check.o
sp_icmp_code_check.o sp_ttl_check.o sp_ip_id_check.o sp_tcp_ack_check.o
sp_tcp_seq_check.o sp_dsize_check.o spp_http_decode.o spp_portscan.o
sp_ipoption_check.o sp_rpc_check.o sp_icmp_id_check.o
sp_icmp_seq_check.o sp_respond.o spo_alert_syslog.o spo_log_tcpdump.o
spo_database.o sp_session.o spp_defrag.o parser.o spo_alert_fast.o
spo_alert_full.o spo_alert_smb.o spo_alert_unixsock.o sp_react.o
spo_xml.o sp_ip_tos_check.o snprintf.o checksum.o spp_tcp_stream2.o
sp_reference.o sp_ip_fragbits.o spp_anomsensor.o tag.o spp_unidecode.o
codes.o strlcpyu.o strlcatu.o debug.o sp_tcp_win_check.o
spp_rpc_decode.o spp_bo.o spp_telnet_negotiation.o spo_csv.o
sp_ip_same_check.o sp_priority.o sp_ip_proto.o ubi_BinTree.o
ubi_SplayTree.o spo_unified.o spp_stream4.o spp_frag2.o spp_arpspoof.o
spo_idmef.o spo_SnmpTrap.o spo_log_null.o  -lz -lpcap -lm -lnsl 
-lmysqlclient -lssl -lcrypto
/usr/local/ssl/lib/libcrypto.a(dso_dlfcn.o): In function `dlfcn_load':
dso_dlfcn.o(.text+0x77): undefined reference to `dlopen'
dso_dlfcn.o(.text+0xe3): undefined reference to `dlclose'
/usr/local/ssl/lib/libcrypto.a(dso_dlfcn.o): In function
dso_dlfcn.o(.text+0x1b6): undefined reference to `dlsym'
/usr/local/ssl/lib/libcrypto.a(dso_dlfcn.o): In function
dso_dlfcn.o(.text+0x2a6): undefined reference to `dlsym'
/usr/local/ssl/lib/libcrypto.a(dso_dlfcn.o): In function `dlfcn_unload':
dso_dlfcn.o(.text+0x3a5): undefined reference to `dlclose'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[2]: *** [snort] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/dcurry/snort-1.8.6'
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/dcurry/snort-1.8.6'
make: *** [all-recursive-am] Error 2

Daniel Curry
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