[Snort-users] Mysql problem

Michael Gargiullo gargiullo at ...5068...
Sun Jun 23 20:08:08 EDT 2002

On Thu, 2002-06-20 at 10:14, Steve Moran wrote:
> I have some rules set up to monitor surfing, which generate a ton of
> alerts.  Like 70,000 alerts a day.  The problem is, when I try to
> delete, archive, or anything other than view some of the alerts when I
> have that many I get a 'Database ERROR:
> Database ERROR:Can't open file: 'data.MYD'. (errno: 145)'
> Anyone else see this with large #'s of alerts?  Or have any idea how to
> fix it.
I work for a cable company that also does web hosting and T1 connectivity.  We get about 115,000 hits in a 24 hour period. I haven't had a problem archiving anything yet.  Did you set your snort DB users permissions correctly?


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