[Snort-users] ACID url Links on IIS

Ross Draper ross.draper at ...6156...
Sun Jun 23 07:04:02 EDT 2002

Hi All

I've had a rummage through the lists archives but can't find any answers to my
problem, although I don't appear to be the first person to have it.

I recently changed from running Snort on Windows2k, MySQL and Apache to having a
dedicated snort sensor logging to a remote MSSQL/IIS box running Acid.

All seems to be working fine except one thing.  The damn url link to CVE,
Archnids etc when viewing alerts arent showing up.  All I get is simply the []
brackets where a url link should be.

When performing a select on the reference table in SQL I can see the entries,
but for some reason my box isnt showing the link on the browser.

I'm running the latest port of Snort for Win32 from Silicon Defense.
MSSQL Server 2000
Windows2000 (for both server and sensor)
ACID v0.9.6b21

When I've looked at the previous posts they all seem to suggest that this issue
can be fixed by running the latest version of ACID (which I am).

Anybody know what I've stuffed up?

Kind Regards


PS - First post - please be gentle with me!

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