[Snort-users] Snort rules touble.

Jason Gauthier jgauthier at ...6155...
Fri Jun 21 12:35:02 EDT 2002

I added necassary variables to use the latest rules to my snort.conf,
merging any necassary differences.
I'm up to speed now and all is running.

Now I need to simulate some probes/attacks to make sure it's actually

Thanks to all,


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>Yes, it's also why snortrules.tar.gz contains a snort.conf,  
>so that you 
>can look at it for new things you need to include :)
>I'd first get things up and running using the supplied rules.
>If you then want to try using snortrules.tar.gz, try it, but 
>be aware of 
>the pitfalls involved in assuming you can just use new .rules 
>files with an 
>older.conf file ;)
>At 02:41 PM 6/21/2002 -0400, Jason Gauthier wrote:
>>I understand now.
>>The rules supplied separately have variables supplied for the ports.
>>The rules supplied with the distribution have them staticly entered.
>>Thanks a lot!
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>> >
>> >
>> >Just like Matt Kettler said,  and pretty sure he is right.  
>You need to
>> >stick with the rules that come with the 1.86 build and NOT use the
>> >snortrules.tar.gz

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