[Snort-users] Snort & multi-port ethernet cards

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Thu Jun 20 13:20:05 EDT 2002

On the sun qfe cards just set the local-mac-address=true at the obp prompt.
All four
ethernet ports on a qfe card have MAC's assigned to them. By default sun
uses the onboardoard 
MAC for all NICS. The local-mac-address property will change this behaviour.


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On Thu, 20 Jun 2002, Tom Sevy wrote:

> Running various versions of snort, in the 1.8 range, I've tried to use two
> different multi-port ethernet adapters.



	One problem I ran into with a Sun qe4 card was that it had the same
MAC for each port on the card.  Now, that was with the old qe4 version--The
newer qfe4 has different MAC's for each port.  You might want to make sure
that the cards are on different physical segments and/or that the MACs are
different for each port.

	Good luck!

Erek Adams

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